Urgent Care

What is Urgent Care?

Anytime you are sick, injured, worried, or in pain, it can be unbearable to wait hours, days, and sometimes even weeks to see a physician. In the case of mini-emergencies, having to wait in a chaotic, crowded, uncomfortable emergency room is often an unpleasant experience. Premier Medicine urgent care offers immediate, professional, personal health care without the wait. For fever, pain, coughs, cuts requiring stitches, sore throat, earaches, wheezing, sprains, broken bones, and any other medical complaints please just walk in.

Why is it needed?

In addition to treatment of common illnesses, patients still require care for surprising, but non-life threatening conditions such as colds, flu, sore throats, fever, diarrhea, upper respiratory symptoms, earaches, minor burns, allergic reactions, arthritis/gout, fracture care, foreign body removal, laceration repair, minor eye injuries, sprains, strains, and similar conditions.

Normally, these treatments will have to wait until your family doctor can see you, or you can head to the emergency room for expensive co-pay and possibly longer waits than necessary. With our commitment and new care concept, you just walk in to one of our clinics and you see a doctor to immediately address your symptoms. You will get an answer right there and then on whether you need more care, e.g. see a specialist, get admitted to the hospital, or just take a prescription and rest. You can always go back and see your doctor, just to update him on your new medication or for a follow up visit.

With this concept, your medical conditions will not need to fester until your doctor is open nor do you need to shell out expensive co-pay at the emergency room, or wait while others with life threatening illnesses are treated.

When should I Use Urgent Care:

When your doctor office is closed or when the next available appointment is not immediate or inconvenient, you should come to us. We are open late and on weekends, and you do not need an appointment to see a doctor. Additionally, urgent care centers like ours are equipped with x-rays, laboratory, and other state of the art equipment, so most of your treatment needs are under one roof.

When do I go to the Emergency Room?


  1. If you have penetrating wound: shooting, stabbing etc.
  2. Chemical trauma to the eye
  3. Open wound fracture
  4. Severe chest pain or abdominal pain
  5. Severe allergic reaction
  6. Acute respiratory distress
  7. Significant traumatic injuries
  8. Obstetrical emergencies
  9. Any life-threatening emergency

What about my insurance:

We accept most insurance and in many cases, your deductible will be significantly lower than emergency room.