On-Site X-Ray

We offer state-of-the-art radiography services (x-rays) 365 days per year including evenings, weekends and holidays

  • State-of-the-art Radiography

  • X-rays performed on site

X-rays give us the ability to make an accurate diagnosis. Avoid additional radiation as we send all x-ray films to a radiologist for an official report. You can then follow up with your doctor and keep a record on file for future reference.

Science Lab

Laboratory Services

We perform all blood draws and lab work on the premises 365 days per year including evenings, weekends and holidays. Blood test that require off site processing are typically resulted within 2 days, upon which we will call you with your results.

  • Blood Draws on Site

  • Rapid Influenza testing (results in 15 minutes)

  • Rapid Mononucleosis screening (results in 15 minutes)

  • Rapid Strep (results in 5 minutes)

  • Routine Cholesterol screening

  • Urine Pregnancy

  • Urinalysis to diagnose urinary infection or blood in urine

  • Allergy testing

  • GC/Chlamydia and full STD panel

Doctor with Files

Occupational Medicine

Premier Medicine is your first choice in the Metro Detroit area for all your occupational medicine needs. We are dedicated to providing rapid and comprehensive care for all your occupational needs and we will care for your employees in the shortest time possible. We offer many types of physical examinations and screenings all in one location. Our convenient evening and weekend hours mean your employees don't have to miss work.

  • Pre-employment Physicals

  • On the Job Injuries

  • Return to Work Physicals

  • Hearing and Vision Screening

  • We also offer school, sport and yearly physicals exams

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