Urgent Care

Urgent Care

No appointment necessary
Check our extended hours at the location of your choice and just come in

Lower co-pay than Emergency Room
Check with your insurance carrier for difference. Usually the difference can run up to more then $100

Most Procedures preformed on site

  • Flu Test

  • Mono Test

  • RSV Test

  • Rapid Strep Test

  • Pregnancy Test

  • Throat & Genital Cultures

  • Work/Sports Injuries

  • Car Accident Injuries

  • Splinting

  • Foreign Body Removal

  • Minor Eye Injuries

  • Incision & Drainage

State Of The Art Facility

  • X-ray

  • EKG

  • EMG

  • Holter Monitor

  • PFT (Spirometery Neubilizer treatment)

  • Nebulizer Treatment

On-site Lab (Results while you visit)

  • Urine Analysis

  • All types of throat and genital cultures

  • All types of blood work

  • Blood Glucose

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